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The Vault

Vault: Future Work has been created to bring together senior level decision makers across the entire digital workplace landscape including CIO’s, Internal Communication, Digital Workplace Leads, Employee Engagement & Experience, HR and many more! We are not about number of attendees, we are an exclusive closed room conference that brings together the heart of the community to discuss the Future Workplace.



Our agenda has been created to ensure our attendees walk away with key strategies and vision to use in their organization. We have a range of formats throughout our two day programme with a main stage to give attendees the opportunity to hear from today's key leaders disrupting their organization with forward thinking initiatives with insight into their journey, lessons learnt and best practises. 

Throughout the day attendees will also break into our Vault Conference tracks which include:
Engagement, Communication & HR
Digital Workplace & Technology
Future Office Space
our conference tracks have been designed to give our attendees a more hands on experience, which includes a chance to pick the brains of our key leaders and discuss as a group some of today's biggest challenges.


There is no denying the power of a strong professional network within the Future Work community, throughout the day attendees will have the chance to network and engage with all our attendees and speakers. Our team is on site to assist with any introductions to ensure all our attendees maintain a competitive edge by networking with our close knit community.


Find out what our attendees
say about us:


Great speakers - very articulate about the issues, and engaging. Good mix of topics. Interesting new perspectives and takes on some well-worn topics.

I came away with a lot of great ideas and made some good connections.

It was a pleasure to see HR, Internal Comms and Tech people engaged and in agreement about a variety of topics.

I really liked the mix of people and conversation across different functions - IT, Internal Comms, HR...

Excellent speakers who shared highly relevant experiences. Good mix of workshops.