The Agenda
Day Two

9:00 AM




Keynote: Creating an Evolving Future-Focused Organizational Culture


  • How to create a unique and energizing corporate culture with clear values and specific purpose to boost employees’ spirits, engagement, job satisfaction, and commitment to the organization.
  • Developing a mindset change to require a positive and innovative culture escalated by passionate connections within the internal population and the external customer base.
  • How to create a culture focused on encouraging innovative curiosity and technology thinking

Peter Walmsley, Chief People Officer, GSN Games


Keynote: The Future Of Work In The Age Of Digital Transformation

  • How can organizations achieve digital transformation and high levels of automation without neglecting the need to deliver instant profitability?
  • How to keep employees fully engaged and on-side through the transition to smart technologies?
  • In the world of digital, how can employees not only  deliver work faster, but be more flexible, work with less certainty around outcomes, and work more effectively in teams than ever before.


Panel Discussion: Fusing The Digital And Physical Workplace


  • Understanding the importance of design, how shaping the way we design and use successful physical workplaces can impact your organisation.
  • Explore how organisational culture and structure support flexible and collaborative working and overall employee experience.
  • The rise of remote workers and the impact on organisations.
  • Looking at what technology is available to support flexible and collaborative working.

11:15AM Networking Break
11:45 am Break Out Into Vault Thinktanks

Track: Engagement,
Communication & HR

Workshop: How will HR technology shape your future?


Digital Workplace & Technology

Workshop: Choosing Technology For Your Workplace


Future Office Space

The Future Workplace: Smart Office Design in the IoT Era



12:15 pm Lunch & Networking
2:00 PM Return to Keynote Mainstage

2:15 PM

Keynote: How To Future Proof Your Organization For The Challenges Ahead


2:45 PM

Keynote: How To Bring Your Digital Workplace To Life

  • Making an IT programme a Business Transformation
  • Engage, excite and enable innovation.
  • The power of the community.
  • Winning hearts and minds to accelerate adoption and benefits realisation.
  • The rollout is just the start, how to keep the momentum going.

3:15 PM