The Agenda
Day One

9:00 AM

Chairs Welcome & Opening Remarks


9:20 AM

Keynote: The Impact of Digital on the Future Workforce

  • What are the key trends impacting the Future of Work?
  • How is Digital accelerating this?
  • What can you do to engage and understand digital innovation at the workplace?

Manisha Singh, Global Director- Digital HR Systems, Schneider Electric

10:00 AM

Panel Discussion: Employee Engagement & The Digital Workplace


  • What a formal engagement strategy can do for your organisation
  • Why the best-in-class organisations are measuring engagement at every phase of the employee journey
  • How to get employees more likely to commit to their jobs if they are challenged by their work, compared to having a competitive salary
  • Looking at the ROI of investing in employee engagement.

10:30 AM

Keynote: Building a Culture of Purpose & Increasing Employee Engagement

  • A deeper understanding of benefits employees look for in an organization to feel engaged and motivated
  • Challenges and opportunities in building a productive, rewarding work environment
  • Career opportunities in people development and culture building
  • Innovative organizations that are excelling in employee engagement

11:00AM Networking Break
11:30AM Break Out Into Vault Thinktanks

Track: Engagement, Communication & HR

Panel: Understanding How HR Should Operate In The Future Workplace



Digital Workplace & Technology

Workshop: The connected Digital Workplace- A philosophical Shift In The Way We Work

Future Office Space


Presentation: The Future Office of tomorrow


Track: Engagement, Communication & HR

Workshop: How To Engage Your Employees? The Strategic Role of The Digital Workplace


Digital Workplace & Technology

Panel: Future Workforce: Defining The Digital Enterprise Leader

Future Office Space


Panel: Collaboration: Design Of Your Office Space VS Having The Right People Sharing The Space With Each Other

1:00 pm Lunch & Networking
2:00 PM Return to Keynote Mainstage

2:00 PM

Keynote: Planning Your Digital Workplace

  • How to create a sustainable digital workplace strategy.
  • Ways to incorporate employee and stakeholder perspectives.
  • How to take a cross functional approach.

2:30 PM

Keynote: Putting The Human At The Heart Of The Digital Workplace

  • The importance of understanding the human element from employee emotion and sentiment in creating your digital workplace and drive more effective internal communication.
  • How to ensure the personal needs of employees and personalisation in building a digital workplace strategy.
  • The role of employee voice and how the digital workplace can be enabler for employee contribution, participation and feedback.

3:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Here, There And Everywhere: Using Technology To Engage A Distributed Workforce


  • What apps and tools are available to help engage a distributed or mobile workforce?
  • How do employers encourage mobile employees to engage with tech initiatives? Challenges across demographics
  • Creating a sense of loyalty and purpose in dispersed employees
  • Developing leaders who understand the Future of Work

3:45 pm
Networking Break

4:30 PM

Keynote: How to Address the Workforce Skills Gap


  • How to create learning culture within your organization
  • Find out how to build top talent from within, improve retention rates and develop strong leaders.
  • How to track how your learning program affects specific business outcomes such as employee productivity, retention and time to promotion

4:50 PM

Panel Discussion: The Role of Diversity and Inclusion in the Future of Work


  • How can we leverage the ‘future of work’ as an opportunity to accelerate our progression towards a gender-equal and diverse workplace?
  • How will inclusive design bring us closer to this ambition?
  • What can be achieved if organizations embraced an inclusive design approach?

5:30 PM